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IAHR试验方法设备专业委员会主席Alessio Radice为李云教授颁发证书

Abstract: According to the national 12th five-year plan, more than 30 huge hydropower project is under construction, with each installed capacity of more than 3 million KW , and total 196.875 million KW, which accounts for more than one third of the national water resource development capacity. Benefit of these projects is significant and occupies an important position in the national economy.

The huge hydropower project is characterized by many complex, complicated layout, outstanding hydraulic problems and difficult coordination. In the past, the research on hydraulic problems of this kind of project always been carried out in a variety of topics, and the research achievements of each topic would not always lead to the optimal one for the lack of overall test verification.

For this kind of project, it is necessary to establish a large scale hydraulic integral model, which can satisfy the requirement of most of the model similarity, and comprehensive research on the hydraulics problems can be carried out, total optimization can be achieved, so to provide scientific basis for the different stages of engineering design.

Supported by the major design institutes of China hydropower consultancy group and the Three gorges corporation, Lancang river company and Ertan company, large-scale model study on a series of giant hydropower projects has been carried out by NHRI, such as Jinping, Baihetan and Xiangjiaba. A number of hydraulic research is carried out based on the large-scale hydraulic models, mainly achievements are as follows:

1. Baihetan integral model of scale 1:50

Layout of discharge orifices is optimized and impact pressure in plunge pool is significantly reduced. hydraulic problems both in inlet/outlet of power plant is researched. The structure and the downstream energy dissipation of the discharge tunnel are studied. The protection measures of the slope under the atomization effect are proposed.

2. Jinping integral model of scale 1:50

Flood discharge proportion of the dam body and spillway tunnel is optimized, a kind of non-collision energy dissipation mode with low atomization effect, which is suitable for engineering characteristics, is proposed.

3. Xiangjiaba flood dissipation model of scale 1:40

The hydraulic phenomena of the three-dimension bottom flow energy dissipation model are studied. The cause of the vibration in the project field is explored and optimal scheduling principle for reducing site vibration is proposed.

4. Large scale hydraulic pressure relief model

Air entrainment method to alleviate cavitations for Xiangjiaba and Ahai spillway is proposed based on the large scale pressure relief model test.

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