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IAHR副主席、悉尼科技大学James Ball教授为夏云峰教授颁发证书

Abstract: With the rapid development of the economy, it’s necessary to build major water-related projects such as water conservancy and hydropower, port fairways and large bridges. The river model test is a significant technical method of major water-related engineering scientific research, while the advanced water and sediment monitoring and control system plays a key role in the river model test. Comprehensively utilizing the optoelectronic, ultrasonic, laser and thermal technologies, the water and sediment measuring equipment comes to the realization of the measurement of model water and sediment parameters, including water level, velocity, flow field, sediment concentration, topography, wave height, pressure, total force, shear stress, etc. and analyzes and researches on such basis. The measurement of different parameters depends on different measuring devices. With the advancement of technology, many new technologies such as wireless communication and computer integration have been applied in new types of measurement and control devices.

The water level measurement is a comprehensive application of advanced technologies such as ultrasonic, grating, and absolute coding to study the instantaneous non-contact water level measurement technology high-precision and fast-response, which meets the requirement of model test.

Flow velocity and flow field measurement develops 2/3D ultrasonic Doppler velocimeter with the help of Doppler ultrasound technology; the new surface flow measurement system (PIV) is developed under the theory of digital image processing technology and fluid motion; improving the existing propeller velocimeter with the help of wireless communication technology and new crafts, realizing the multiple synchronous wireless transmission and minimizing the disturbance towards model flow.

Topography studies a wide range of instantaneous non-contact measurement technology with the application of laser, ultrasonic and digital image processing technologies, arranging measurement tracks in the study area and making it automatically moving by remote control, automatically measuring terrain through a non-contact terrain measurement system, with the help of GIS terrain database, the evolution of the terrain can be visualized.

Sand content measurement achieves the high-precision, large-scale and real-time online measurement of sediment concentration with the application of optoelectronic technology and image processing technology. In the aspect of sediment particle analysis, laser particle sizer with laser diffraction and scattering technology is fast and repeatable to measure the concentration and refractive index of sediment particles and its size distribution.

Shear stress measurement develops underwater shear stress sensor with high frequency response, less interference towards fluid boundary layer, high precision, good stability and durability, establishing an intelligent temperature-controlled underwater wall shear stress sensor calibration device to conduct the test.

Developing the above-mentioned advanced water and sediment measuring instrument and utilizing the fixed sink and other facilities to rate and verify newly developed measuring equipment rely on the national major instruments and equipment development project “Development of Intelligent Measurement and Control System for Large River Model Test in China”. The result indicates that the measuring instruments have reached the objective of development. On the basis of these measuring instruments, using network, wireless communication and modular design technologies to systematically study the arrangement and automation control system of the large river model and form a standardized, modular, wireless, intelligent, and remote monitoring and control system which consisted by water supply module, runoff flow control module and downstream moisture control module. The monitoring and control system is applied in the Yangtze River estuary model, successfully realizing the fast and accurate measurement of tide level, velocity, flow field, sediment content topography and other parameters, and providing a backbone for the smooth implement of research on major scientific projects of water-related engineering in China.

Keywords: estuary and coast; physical model; water and sediment monitoring and control; water and sediment simulation

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